40th Anniversary R100RS Rally, Sept 14-17 2017

Harleysville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 19438

Celebrating Hans A. Muth's "Silver Daughter"

In June of 2014 Hans Muth joined us along with Udo Gietl, Reg Pridmore, Gary Fisher, Todd Schuster and Tom Cutter to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the R90S. Robert Lutz went to the studio to produce a 20 minute video explaining the genesis of the R90S and how this machine saved the day for BMW Motorrad. It was a really nice gathering of riders from all corners of the U.S.A., Canada, and a few from Europe and Australia. Hans really enjoyed himself and expressed an interest in returning.

In September of 2015 he reminded me, that we were soon approaching another anniversary of one of his proudest creations, the R100RS, which first appeared in our dealerships as a 1977 model. He made it clear, that if we were to have another gathering to celebrate his "Silver Daughter", as he refers, he would like to be at the top of the list.

Soon thereafter planning began. So, Hans Muth is returning this September, along with him will be Klaus Herder, Editor of Motorrad Magazine and Hans Joachim Siebenrock and his wife. Udo Gietl and Tom Cutter also plan on attending, unfortunately Todd Schuster is having a tough battle with diabetes and his health will not allow him to join us.

Sandy Cohen recently published Hans Muth's manuscripts and plans to join us. Most BMW MOA members will remember Sandy's work, she is now the Editor in Chief of BMW Motorcycle Magazine. There is a possibility that Fred Jakobs of BMW Group Archives/Classics may make an appearance along with staff from BMW of North America, no confirmation on that as yet. Bob Henig of Bob's BMW and Max Stratton of Max BMW have been invited and plan on attending.

This event is being held at my private residence in the rolling hills of rural Montgomery County, the southeast region of Pennsylvania. My property is surrounded by forest/woods, so there should be plenty of shaded camping for those who choose to camp. The riding in this area is very good with many windy, twisty country roads that wrap around the hills, valleys, streams, lakes and mountains to the north.

Due to the logistics, this event has been limited to 150 R100RS riders/owners/enthusiasts. So this is a small private setting and rare opportunity to engage in personal conversations with our guests. Please bring any questions you may have regarding the RS with you. Hans and the rest of our guests will be happy to answer any of your questions. All attendees will receive:

  1. Commemorative cloisonné medallion
  2. Friday and Saturday Evening Catered Dinner
  3. Camping with Showers included
  4. Presentations and Autograph sessions by our Special Guests
  5. Tech Session by Master Mechanic Karl Myers of Hermy's BMW
  6. Live Musical Entertainment both Friday and Saturday evenings
  7. Motorrad Movies under the Pavilion on the Flat Screen, evenings
  8. Commemorative Key Chains, T-Shirts, Posters and Coffee Mugs available
  9. Campfire under the Stars where Incredible Tales of Tall Proportions will Unfold

The event will officially kick off Thursday evening, when Dave Wood will be serving a giant pot of his famous Chili and Brats around the campfire to welcome all the riders and to help them unwind after a long days ride. No alcoholic beverages served, but you are welcome to provide your own as long as you drink responsibly. Riders are welcome to arrive any time on Thursday.

Bruce Brown and Dave Wood will be serving breakfast Friday and Saturday morning along with coffee and donuts from 7:00-8:30 am. Joe Rotondi of the Skippack Village Italian Market will here serving lunch on both Friday and Saturday. Joe provided this service for our R90S event as well. Laura and Dr. Susan will be wearing many hats once again, catering to all of your needs and answering any questions or concerns. A few volunteers from the BMW Riders of the Delaware Valley Club will also be present to assist in any way they can.

Presentations from our special guests will be from around 9:00 am till noon on Friday and Saturday, followed by autograph sessions and tire kicking. All those who attended the R90S event know, that our special guests were very generous in signing just about anything presented to them, i.e. side covers, seat cowls, fairings, fuel tanks, t-shirts, posters, etc. Reminder...bring your own Sharpie!

Master Mechanic Karl Myers will at some point, most likely Saturday afternoon, perform one of his famous tech sessions where he will disassemble an attendees RS down to the last nut and bolt, explaining the function of each component along the way. With any luck at all the bike just may be back together by the time the rally ends.

ABC Airmarshals from PA, NJ, NY and NM will be in attendance and Dave Cushing plans to set up the Airstore with various items for sale.

My fifty year collection of motorbikes will be on display in the Bavarian Bike Barn and historian, mechanic and curator, Mike Casale will offer a tour of a private collection of vintage motorbikes and motorcars in nearby Skippack Village. There will be a small fee for this tour, but this is a unique opportunity to see a truly incredible, rare collection housed in several private museums, plus the decor is almost as amazing as the vintage machinery itself.

Peter Brunner is the Product Developer at Schuco, manufacturers of high quality models most of you are familiar with and may own. Peter is the proud owner of a 1979 blue/silver R100RS and his company recently unveiled a 1:10 scale version of this wonderful machine. Peter has graciously donated five of these RS models for our event, to be auctioned off for a good cause. I have decided to donate the proceeds of these auctioned R100RS models to Todd Schuster who is struggling to keep up with his mounting medical bills.

Please contact me, Todd, at motorrader @ verizon.net (remove the spaces when emailing) to ask questions or to let me know you wish to attend this once in a lifetime event.

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